InnoDairyEdu 2nd Newsletter

The Project

InnoDairyEdu refers to the development of a Dairy Science moduleintended in principle for Food Science/Technology students, focused oninnovation for products, processes, quality, safety and entrepreneurship,by using ICTs and OER. More specifically, the project will use as astarting point the assessment of the current situation in relation to theDairy Science modules, in the participating universities and also willexploit the views on the level of awareness of dairy scienceprofessionals from the associated partners that will originate from thedairy industry. Based on these results, the partnership will tailor-made aDairy Science module and the relevant training material will bedeveloped. The project aims enhancing digital integration in learning,teaching and training at various levels by developing scientific,pedagogical, informative and formative materials in Dairy science.

General Objectives


  • To promote European cooperation in education and training
  • To use innovative practices in education by the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and open educational resources (OER)
  • To create sustainable links between academia and the dairy industry
  • To assist the strategic development, quality and internationalisation of the participating Higher Education Institutions

  • Evaluate the training needs in Dairy Science in European Higher Education Organizations
  • Develop innovative education training materials for EU Universities focusing on Products, Processes, Quality, and Safety & Entrepreneurship of the Dairy Sector
  • Digitalize the education material to be developed
  • Use ICTs and OER to ensure wider accessibility to knowledge, by developing an interactive MOOC online platform with all the material produced to be uploaded
  • Pilot test and evaluate the Dairy Science platform with all education material  to be developed
  • Create a sustainable link among academia and dairy industry, by using ICTs and OER emphasising on entrepreneurship issues
  • Disseminate the project’s results to the academia and the dairy industry

Specific Obectives



Currently, InnoDairyEdu is reached a milestone, as the training material is fully developed and the process of sharing it with the academics and industry in the dairy sector will initiate. To date, three (3) of the four (4) intellectual outputs of the Project have been completed:

  • Training needs analysis in the science of dairy products regarding the Curricula of the Educational organizations of the countries participating in the Project.
  • Development of innovative digital educational material based on the training needs analysis in the form of Massive Open Online Courses-MOOC (freely accessible).
InnoDairyEdu Course Platform


The project is coordinated by the University of Thessaly, with scientifically responsible Dr. Eleni Malissiova, Assistant Professor of the Department of Animal Science. The project partners are: University of Leon, Spain- University of Parma, Italy- University of Warmia-Mazuri, Poland – Cyprus University of Technology-Cyprus and 4obs Consulting – Greece.

For more information you can visit the Project website  or contact the scientific coordinator Dr. Eleni Malissiova at [email protected] and [email protected].

Newsletter Volume 2 | December 2020

Project Partners

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