The Kick-off meeting of the European Project cofunded2Tools 4 Trainers to Empower NEETs” was held in Kuressaare, Estonia.

The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programm of the EU in the field of Strategic Partnerships for adult education of KA2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. The main objectove of the project is the development of innovation which will be addressing to Educators, Career Counselors, Youth Workers who dealing with NEETs to upskill their competences in effective engagement methodologies. T4TEMP aims to increase participation of NEETs, into Labor market and Education by upskilling Educators, Career Counselors, Youth Workers. A secondary aim is to raise awareness of heterogeneity of the NEETs population across member states so that adaptation can accommodate diversity of NEET profile.

The T4TEMP will implement the following objectives:
– Identify ItInternational Comparison State of Art of Adult educators and target group of NEETs .
– Develop an on-line e-LearningToolkit. The use of the specific tools would enable Educators allocate their time with each one of the people who are in need of their services in a more constructive and effective way, by mobilising internet technologies and in specific social media to allocate part of their work. (e-Learning Toolkit)
– Develop and implement targeted courses, which enables them to understand, support and increase their skills in order to be competitive and supportive to NEETs. The objective of the project is to give the possibility to Educators and counselors for better and more targeted provision of services through the provision of tools available on social media as well.

The main target group of the project is addressing Adult Educators, VET Providers, Teachers, Career Counselors,etc who dealing with NEETs whom wish to upskill their competences, qualifications, approaches, in order to be able to be more competitive, professionals and provide the NEETs with better assistance and help them to come to employability or education so as to attain their career goals.

Throughout the implementation and validation phase of the project the partners will include members of this target group (training sessions, local national events, feedback etc.). Approximately the projects aims to reach directly all the relevant stakeholders (Teachers, Career Counselors, VET trainers, etc) from the Organizations (Public and Private Authorities) and networks participating in the project, within Europe and beyond. Furthermore, other professionals in the private sector or in trade unions, who provide in-service training and development for teachers and young professionals, will also benefit from the tools developed, as they will improve their professional profiles and their roles in training sessions.
The secondary target group includes NEETs :
– Students or trainees from (15 to 24) who are in the schools or in the training system, ending their compulsory education but being at risk of becoming NEETs
– Persons who are not in the school- or in the training system (as well as unemployed persons) ranging from 15 to 29 years.


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